Two men fall into sea rescued by police, fire brigade teams

Two men who fell into the sea were rescued by the help of police and fire brigade teams in northern Turkish province of Zonguldak’s Eregli district.

The incident took place in Boshane Harbour. Allegedly drunken M.D, 38, jumped into the sea with an unknown reason soon after his friend V.K, 30, also jumped into the sea to rescue his friend. When harbor workers, who witnessed the event, immediately called the police and rescue team when they could not manage to land two men.

As soon as the fire brigade teams arrived at the scene, they rescued M.D by the help police, who throw ladder with fire brigade teams to rescue M.D. Other man V.K was rescued by the help of local residents and policemen who gave coat both survivors since they were were shivering. When the medics attempted to give medical help them, both M.D and V.K refused to get medical intervention.

After police completed its official report the survivors were sent to their homes.


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