Two children injured as clashes is ongoing in Silvan

Two children were injured on Wednesday in clashes between the terrorist Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) and security forces in the Silvan district of the province of Diyarbakir, which has been under curfew since Nov. 3.

As the curfew has entered 9th days clashes, in which tanks and helicopters were also used, in the early morning of day, one soldier was killed and two others were injured. During the operation, which conducted to cover the ditches and deactivate the members of by Patriotic Revolutionist Youth Movement (YDG-H), in Tekel, Konak and Mescit neighborhood, two children were injured in their legs while they were in their house. Children were taken to hospital and taken under treatment in Silvan State Hospital.

Meanwhile, children were visited by delegation from Diyarbakir Bar Association.

On the other hand, ambulances are still waiting in front of the Silvan State Hospital. As the clashes have been continuing since two days in the district, a great numbers of armored vehicles and military regiments were deployed to Silvan.

Along with the electricity, water and internet services are still not being provided in Silvan.


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