Twelve main norms in American mining sector serve as model for Turkey

WASHINGTON (CIHAN)- Working conditions and security measures introduced in mining sector in the US set an example for Turkey, where more than 300 miners were killed in a tragic mine explosion last week.

1-Strict supervisions without a stain are carried out by experts meticulously in mines. Each year mines goes through eight supervisions, four of which are conducted at federal stated level.

2- Speaking to Cihan news agency, Morven Carvin who is a security inspector at a pribate coal mine said each miner is obliged to tale a sophisticated training, 80 hours on security measures. Moreover, reporters who arrive at mine site are given a 40 minutes of training.

3- Miners who completed six months in mine after the security measures training are tested again to be fully qualified to work in mine.

4- Mines are inspected every single workday for three hours by experts called “Fire Boss” and they give speech on security measures to the miners. Job rotation does not begin unless experts ensure that work place is available to be mined.

5- Before each shift, chiefs at mine speak with workers on security measures known as safety talk which last 15-30minutes.

6- Stable and portable rooms are provided for each miner for more convenient working conditions in due course of work.

7- In case of power cut while working, mine is equipped with steel ropes which can direct them to gas masks and exit.

8- Extra gas masks are also placed in mine at a distance in every 30 minutes.

9- Miners do not work in three mines at the same time. Instead, miners in a shift do maintenance work in a mine while other work in two. Around 120 miners are tasked with each mine.

10- All of the miners are tracked with GPS system to detect their location in case of an accident.

11- With convenient working conditions and high security measures, women are also employed in such mines. A female fire boss Donna Kissinger told Cihan news agency that she does not have any problem in mine while working adding that getting to know all of the security rules is a must for a miner.

12- An average miner earns $7,000 monthly and around $ 80,000-90,000 yearly, which is quite different from Turkey.


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