Turkmens demanded to be excluded from new ME map, says politicians

Iraqi Turkmen politicians claimed that Turkmens are sought to be removed from newly established Middle East map. They say they understand Russia’s fight against the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) but they cannot make sense of its attack to Turkmens.

Turkmen politicians condemned that Turkmens are targeted in operations against the ISIL, which should be addressed by the NATO.

Hasan Turan, deputy head of Iraqi Turkmen Front and Kirkuk Turkmen Deputy Hasan Turan stated that Turkmens have been targeted in the operations in Iraq since 2003 and the ones in Syria since 2011.

Underlining that the geography of areas where Turkmens live is rich. “Big plans are designated in the New Middle East. Within the scope of this plan, Turkmens want to be annihilated. We should oppose to such plans. Turkey should take issues of Turkmens and the attacks to international areas,” said Turan.

Turkmeneli Party leader Riyaz Sarikahya noted that they see Russia’s fight against the ISIL but they cannot understand why they conduct attacks against Turkmens. “Incredible shifts have taken place in the region. It is a crime against humanity to attack Turkmens with the excuse of fight against the ISIL.” he added.


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