Turkish Union head injured and hospitalized during protest

ISTANBUL (CIHAN)- Turkish Confederation of Progressive Trade Unions (DISK) Kani Beko was deteriorated due to heavy tear gas during the demonstrations, which was organized on Wednesday in Izmir to protest the killings in mine disaster which left 282 people to death.

Riot police dispersed marched protesters with tear gas and water cannons but soon after the police intervention, Beko suddenly deteriorated and was taken to nearby hospital for urgent medical treatment. Many protesters were detained during the police intervention in coastal Turkish city of Izmir, 120km west of the Soma.

Meanwhile, most of the Turkish workers unions made a co-decision yesterday to go on a one-day general strike to protest deadly mine tragedy which was caused due to lack of security precautions.

Following a mine blast in western Turkey that is likely to be the deadliest in the nation’s history, a debate over the accountability and possible negligence of the government has begun.


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