Turkish Roma people gathers at the banks of River Tundzha

EDIRNE (CIHAN)- Roma people, living in western Turkish city of Edirne celebrated the spring festival of “Kakava HIdIrellez” with music and specific rituals on the banks of the River Tundzha on Monday.

Kakava HIdIrellez Festival is celebrated each year between the days of May 5-6 in Edirne, where the Roman people is highly populated. The festival starts with the burning of Kakava fire and ends with predawn purifying ritual on the banks of the river. As a part of this ritual Romans wash, their faces in the waters of the River Tundzha. This traditional cleansing practice is meant to bring abundance and good fortune throughout the coming year as well as to keep bad forces away.

The festival is one of Roma people’s favorite with its colorful and joyful traditions.


VAR of tying up colorful ribbons to the branches of trees
Crowded people on the banks of the river
VAR of the colorful festival


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