Turkish police search 12 companies on alleged Kaynak link

The 4th İstanbul Anadolu Penal Court of Peace ordered the search of 12 Turkish companies and to “seize [documents] if any criminal record is found.” The court decision followed a prosecutor’s demand that the 12 companies should be seized due to their alleged ties with Kaynak. The court decision is seen as part of a politically motivated crackdown on government critics in Turkey.

Recently, Kaynak Holding was targeted in a government-orchestrated police raid because it is is deemed to be sympathetic to the Hizmet movement. In a controversial move on Nov. 18, the İstanbul 10th Penal Court of Peace ordered the appointment of trustees to take over management of the holding. On Nov. 18, Several trustees, escorted by police officers, went to Kaynak’s headquarters in Bagcılar, İstanbul as well as the holding’s offices in İzmir and Ankara. The court decision to put Kaynak under trusteeship came only days after a similar court decision implemented the same practice on Koza İpek Holding, which had among its subsidiaries four media outlets critical of the government’s policies.

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