Turkish military receives cargo plane in ceremony

KAYSERI (CIHAN)- Turkish President Abdullah Gul attended a ceremony to mark the introduction of a military cargo plane that was purchased from France’s Airbus in the central province of Kayseri on Monday.

The delivery of the Atlas A400M, a huge military cargo plane, to the Turkish Air Forces is the latest sign of Ankara’s gradual but firm policies intending to boost the Turkish military’s capabilities and might in a hostile environment beset by political revolutions and unfolding military challenges stemming from uprisings and civil conflicts.

The Turkish military, the second-largest army in NATO, has a strong air force capable of carrying out long-distance missions. The purchase of the Airbus cargo plane is expected to boost its capabilities amid plans for further procurements of similar planes.

Speaking at the ceremony, Gul expressed his faith in the military, saying that a cargo plane is of crucial importance for any military, with a capability to change the fate of a conflict.

The Turkish Air Forces already possesses Spanish CASA CN-235-type cargo planes.


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