Turkish Maritime Task Group reaches South Africa after 148 years

CAPE TOWN (CIHAN)- Frigates and corvettes of Turkish Maritime Task Group have sailed the harbors of 16 countries within the context of its Africa mission, aiming at touring African continent from west to east, reached to South Africa.

Frigates of Task Group, which also the first navy group which crossed the Cape of Good Hope after 148 years anchored the Cape Town Harbor.

The task force will contain the frigates F-495 TCG Gediz, F-245 TCG Orureis, the corvette F-511 TCG Heybeliada and the replenishment tanker A-595 TCG Yarbay Kudret Gungr.

During its tour navy group attended some drills and rescue operations. The ships will travel for about 15,000 nautical miles approximately 30,000 km throughout their sail.

This deployment is not just a navigational exercise of circumnavigation around Africa. It is also a powerful application of Turkish soft power to Africa.

During the last decade Turkey finally realized that there is more Africa than just the Mediterranean countries where Turkey had links for centuries.


Tuesday, May 06, 2014 SOURCE CIHAN

-Views from two different cameras from land and inside the brigades
-A harbor which brigade docks
-Cape Town from the coast
-Gediz frigate reaches harbors
-Soldiers on the deck
-Var of Turkish flag and frigate
-Var of soldiers who work in the ship
-Var of soldiers who work for docking of the frigate
-Var of polling of rope
-Var of Turkish flag
-Commanders on the deck
-Var of central station of the frigate
-Var of working personnel
-Var of frigate docking


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