Turkey’s poorest region spends most on food, least on education

Households in Turkeyand’s southeastern region, home to the highest number of the countryand’s poor, devoted the highest share of their income to buying food while spending on education came last, government data revealed on Wednesday.
According to the latest Household Consumption Expenditures report released by the Turkish Statistics Institute (TurkStat) — covering 2012-14 — food expenditure constituted 26 percent of the total expenditure of households in Southeast Anatolia. Meanwhile, the region spent the lowest share of their income andndash only 1.4 percent — on education.
A third of all people living below the poverty line in Turkey in 2014 resided in 10 regions in the southeastern and eastern parts of the country, according to figures released by TurkStat in October. The provinces with the highest amount of annual household disposable income were Ankara, Istanbul and izmir, the same October report showed. Istanbul, Turkeyand’s mostly-populated city and the heart of its economy, had the lowest share — 16.1 percent — allotted to food. Istanbul spent the highest share of its average income — 3.2 percent — on education, Wednesdayand’s TurkStat report showed.
The city of 15 million inhabitants spent 28.9 percent of their combined income on housing and rent, the highest share in this category among the 81 Turkish provinces. The results overlap with an earlier version of the TurkStat report, which said in August that money spent on food and housing expenditure made up nearly half of Turkeyand’s total household spending in 2014. That report also said Turks spent 62.3 percent of their income on basic needs such as food, housing and transportation in 2014.
With respect to consolidated results including all households across the country, Istanbul was by far at the top in terms of expenditure, accounting for 24.5 percent of total spending in the given period. Aegean and Mediterranean regions followed Istanbul with 14.6 percent and 12 percent, respectively. Northeastern Anatolians accounted for only 1.9 percent of the total expenditure in Turkey. In terms of the share of transportation in the total household expenditure, the Western Anatolia led with 19.6 percent and the Eastern Black Sea region had the lowest amount at 13.9 percent.


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