Turkey’s minimum wage 2nd lowest in Europe

Turkeyand’s minimum wage is lower than that of any other European country, with the exception of Bulgaria, according to the latest minimum wage figures.
According to the most recent data, which are as of the second half of 2015, the current minimum wage of TL 1,000, roughly 320 euros, ranked only ahead of neighboring Bulgaria, a European Union member with a monthly minimum wage of just 200 euros. Turkey came directly below Hungary at 333 euros and Poland at 417. Comparatively, wealthier countries like Holland and Belgium have monthly minimum wages of around 1,500 euros. Turkey also sits well below the average of fellow Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD)ountries regarding minimum earnings. The countryand’s minimum wage has been the topic of much discussion leading up to and following the Nov. 1 election as the ruling Justice and Development Party (AK Party) has pledged to increase it from its current level of TL 1,000 to TL 1,300 as of Jan. 1, 2016.
and”I see that some employers have started to raise their voices, even though they remained silent when we discussed it back in the summer andhellip We will raise the wage to TL 1,300,and” former Labor Minister Faruk andcelik recently asserted. He said a commission that decides the minimum wage every six months is scheduled to meet next month. The commission is comprised of 15 members, five each from the labor and employer unions and five from the government.
Even with the increase, the TL 1,300 figure still falls below the current hunger threshold established by labor unions, which demarcate a TL 1,379 minimum to sufficiently feed a family of four.


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