Turkey’s DoIuI shuts down factory with Meiller

Turkeyand’s Doiui Otomotiv has decided to halt production of its dump truck bed manufacturing unit with Germanyand’s Meiller in Sakarya.
Doiui and Meiller signed a distributorship deal back in 2007 and established Meiller Doiui Damper Sanayi in Turkey. The two later agreed to start dump truck bed production in Sakarya province with a 10 million euro investment back in 2008. In a written statement to Borsa Istanbul (BiST), Doiui said it has terminated the contracts of 85 employees working at the Sakarya factory. The Turkish firm said, however, that its distributorship of the Meiller brand in Turkey will continue. and”Negotiations between partners are continuing on the future status of the Meiller Doiui Damper Sanayi [factory],and” the statement read. Media reported on Friday that the Meiller production units in Sakarya were dismantled and brought back to Germany. Doiui declined to elaborate on the reasons for halting production at the factory.
Doiui imports more than 14 brands including Volkswagen, Porsche, Skoda and Audi, as well as Volkswagen. Hit by concerns that the emissions cheating scandal at Volkswagen could undermine the sales of its local dealers, Doiui had seen its shares tumble on BiST. Doiui later said it was temporarily halting the sale of two Volkswagen diesel models in Turkey.


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