Turkey’s Armenians meet with ErdoIan, discuss problems

ANKARA (CIHAN)- An Armenian delegation, headed by Deputy Patriarch Aram AteIyan, met with Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip ErdoIan at the Prime Ministry in Ankara on Thursday.

Speaking to reporters after the meeting, AteIyan said the delegation had constructive talks with ErdoIan, expressing his optimism for the Armenian community in Turkey despite some lingering problems.

AteIyan said there are still things to be done to address grievances of the Armenian community and he remains hopeful for solutions.

The meeting came after ErdoIan offered condolences — for the first time in republican history — to grandchildren of Ottoman Armenians killed in the turbulent events of 1915, deaths which are regarded as “genocide” by Armenians.

Turkey strongly denies such a definition, citing that both Muslims and Armenians suffered in intra-communal fighting in Anatolia during World War I.

AteIyan said they welcomed ErdoIan’s condolences.


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