Turkey detains eight at Istanbul airport on suspicion of links to ISIL

Saudi King Salman bin Abdulaziz, who traveled to Turkey for the G-20 summit and extended his stay for holiday in the popular tourist destination, disappointed an Antalya shopkeeper by only spending $350 during his five day visit.
The king, who reportedly rented the entire Mardan Palace Hotel in Antalya for his stay in the southern city, arrived in Turkey on Oct. 12 along with is accompanied by a 1,000-member delegation. He reportedly spent $18 million on his stay at the luxury hotel.
Turkish daily Handurriyet reported that the king visited a souvenir shop in the hotel and choose a $350 copper-covered object with Ottoman patterns, including a crescent and star. The spending of the king, who is known for his luxurious tastes, however, fell short of the shopkeeperand’s expectations.
Murat Ulai, the owner of the shop in the hotel, stated that the king examined the pieces in the shop closely and picked an elegantly designed object.
and”The king examined the crescent and star with great interest and immediately ordered it for purchase,and” Ulai said, and expressed his disappointment with the amount purchased, saying, and”Actually, we were expecting the king to shop much more but he didnand’t.and”
The Saudi king, who was reportedly planning to stay in Antalya for 18 days, left Turkey for his home country on Wednesday, two days after the end of the G-20 summit.
The 560-room hotel and villa complex, branded as one of the most luxurious hotels in the world, will still be closed to other guests for 18 days. Red carpets were laid down in the hoteland’s hallways and even in the helipad so that the Saudi monarch would not have to touch asphalt when arriving at or departing from the hotel.


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