Turkey bids farewell to its beloved poet Gulten AkIn

Turkey is bidding farewell to Gandulten Akin, one of its most beloved and famous female poets, who died on Wednesday in an Ankara hospital, aged 82.
Akin is going to be buried in a funeral today in Ankara following noon prayers at the Kocatepe Mosque, the Dogan news agency reported Wednesday.
Born in 1933 in the Central Anatolian province of Yozgat, Akin started her literary career in 1951, when her first poems started to be published in newspapers, even before she graduated from Ankara Universityand’s Faculty of Law.
Her first poetry collection, and”Randuzgandacircr Saatiand” (Hour of the Wind), was published in 1956.
Following her graduation, due to the profession of her husband, Yaiar Cankoandcak, who was known as and”the socialist governor,and” she lived in various provinces across Anatolia between 1958 and 1972, during which she also worked as a lawyer and a teacher. Following her return to Ankara in 1972, Akin started working as part of a research team with the Turkish Language Association (TDK). She later served on the aisory board of publications at the Ministry of Culture.
Although themes such as nature, love, separation and yearning dominated Akinand’s early work, she turned her focus to social matters during the 1970s, at a time when Turkey was becoming increasingly politicized, especially after the military coup of 1980.
Akinand’s work has been widely published in Turkeyand’s prestigious literary journals of the 20th century, including Varlik and Yeditepe. Her poetry has also been translated into more than 10 languages, including English and German, and more than 40 of her poems have been set to music by popular Turkish acts, including Group Yorum, and Sezen Aksu.
In a 2008 survey among Turkish writers and publishers, Akin was selected the and”greatest living Turkish poet.and” The same year, she became the inaugural winner of Turkeyand’s annual Erdal andOz Literature Prize, given in memory of the late author and publisher Erdal andOz, the founder of Can Publishing House.
Akinand’s last book, and”Beni Sorarsanand” (If You Ask About Me), was published in 2013.
Poet Kanduandcanduk iskender said Akin was one of the most important representatives of contemporary Turkish poetry. Speaking to Zaman daily upon news of Akinand’s death on Wednesday, Kanduandcanduk iskender said Akinand’s greatness was rooted in and”her sharp ability of observing nature and human behaviorand” and depicting these in the clearest and purest of styles, without using too much symbolism.
Poet and author Murathan Mungan said, and”Another piece of our literatureand’s heart is gone. andhellip She was one of the rare poets of Turkish literature who has managed to remain a true poet until her death.and”


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