Trustees fire more journalists from Ipek Media Group

Various civil society organizations have condemned the recent arrest of two Nokta magazine editors, saying this recent act by the government so soon after Sundayand’s snap election aims to intimidate critics.
Nokta Editor-in-Chief Cevheri Ganduven and Managing Editor Murat andcapan were arrested on Tuesday after the magazine published its latest issue in which the lead story criticized recent government policies and likened them to an attempt to cause a civil war in the country.
In a written statement released on Tuesday, the Contemporary Journalists Association (andcGD)ondemned the Justice and Development Partyand’s (AK Party) ongoing attempts to silence critical media outlets, saying the andcGD is in solidarity with the arrested editors of Nokta.
The andcGD argues the governmentand’s anti-critical media stance just several days after the election signal that its and”fascist practices on society will increase.and”
In an unexpected victory, the AK Party secured almost 50 percent of the total vote in the snap election on Sunday.
Referring to Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoiluand’s post-election speech on the party headquartersand’ balcony, a part of the andcGDand’s statement read and”it is tragicomic that those who adopted anti-democracy as their prime strategy talk about democracy and tolerance in their balcony speeches.and”
The Press Council, an independent journalism foundation in Turkey, also condemned the arrests of the Nokta editors. Referring to the AK Partyand’s desire to establish a and”new Turkey,and” the Press Council in a written statement released on Wednesday defined the arrests as the first negative activities of this new Turkey.
Stating there is no justified reason for intimidating journalists and pressuring media outlets, the statement also mentioned the demand by journalists in the AK Partyand’s new Turkey to be afforded with an environment similar to Western standards in which they can work without being blamed for their opinions.
Pak Media Work (Pak Medya-ii) Union President ismail Topandcuoilu also held a press conference regarding the recent increasing pressure on the free media right after the election. Stating he will continue to fight within the legal framework against those who place unlawful pressure on the media that is critical of the government, Topandcuoilu said and”just to spite those who think have abolished law we will show that the law has not died yet.and”
Strongly criticizing the arrest of the Nokta editors, Topandcuoilu said, and”They [the government] cannot bear even a little press freedom and freedom of thought because they are afraid.and”
The Platform for Independent Journalism (P24) was another body that strongly condemned the and”heavy blows dealt on freedom of expression and press freedom in Turkey just 48 hours following the election.and”
Releasing a statement on its website on Wednesday, P24 stated they did not agree with Noktaand’s lead story, adding andquotthe accusations [against Nokta] however are completely unjust.and”
P24and’s statement further says the platform will resolutely struggle against all threats, attack and injustice directed at journalism and freedom of expression. and”With such commitment, P24and’s legal unit is ready to provide all forms of legal assistance to the editors of Nokta and all other colleagues who are subjected to similar violations of rights,and” a part of P24and’s statement read.
h2 Nokta management says will continue reporting the truth despite editorsand’ arresth2 After its editors were arrested on Tuesday, the Nokta magazineand’s management said the publication, which is critical of the ruling party, will not be intimidated and will maintain its editorial policy of reporting the truth.
Speaking during a press conference held on Tuesday evening, Noktaand’s Publishing Editor ismail Evren maintained the only purpose of arresting the editors was to threaten and obstruct publication. and”As it has done in the past, Nokta will continue to publish the truth and the facts with the same editorial line and the same mindset, without being intimidated,and” Evren said.
Referring to the AK Partyand’s desire to establish a and”new Turkey,and” Evren stated, and”While Turkey woke up to a country that is a far cry from a andlsquonew Turkeyand’ on Nov. 2, Nokta has become the first victim of this utterly different Turkey.and”
Since the AK Party regained its parliamentary majority in the Nov. 1 election, critics both local and international have expressed concerns that press freedom and democratic rights will be further threatened by the single-party government to be formed.
One of Noktaand’s journalists, Perihan Maiden, also said at the press conference the AK Partyand’s attempts to silence critical media will not end with Nokta and that other media outlets will surely follow.
Stating that criticism is a fundamental right in a democratic state governed by the rule of law, Maiden added, and”With this decision [to arrest the Nokta editors], they want to send the message that andlsquoyou do not have the right to criticize or make [negative] comments.and”
Maiden also expressed her misgivings over the unlikelihood that the AK Party will return to its first days in power back in 2002 when democratic rights and tolerance were on the agenda. and”These [people] have no such an intention,and” she said.


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