Trustees authorized to ‘fire any employee’ at seized publisher

A panel of trustees appointed to Kaynak Holding, which owns Turkeyand’s largest publishing house, decided on Wednesday to make it possible for the new board to dismiss any of the holdingand’s 8,056 employees.
Experts confirmed on Thursday that the Kaynak employees faced potential summary dismissals, like those the government recently conducted in other unlawfully seized groups. The decision at Kaynak follows the firing of 82 journalists from the Bugandun and Millet dailies earlier this month, after trustees took over management of Koza ipek Holding.
and”The panel has authorized the executive board manager and his deputy to cancel labor contracts of all holding employees, cancel service contracts with earlier partners, hire new workers and dismiss all of the managers in all units if found necessary,and” the trusteesand’ decision read.
The board also froze all bank transactions by the holding. While the trustees prepare to sack employees arbitrarily, they will feast on extraordinarily high salaries. The trustees, imran Okumui, Sezai andciandcek, Handuseyin Yaiar, Aytekin Karahan, Ertuirul Erdogan, ismail Gandulen and Levent Kanduandcanduk, will receive TL 735,000 ($256,503) from the holdingand’s budget.
Aside from the Kaynak Publishing House, the largest publisher in Turkey, the holding owns the nationwide NT Maiazalari bookstore chain and a total of 100 publishing imprints. Ongoing unlawful dismissals at seized companies add to an ever-growing pool of jobless in the country. A steady increase in Turkeyand’s unemployment rate remains one of the key structural problems the country needs to address. With Turkeyand’s economic growth rate slowing in recent years, an increase in unemployment is only going to provide chronic headaches for the Turkish economy. Turkeyand’s unemployed population rose to 3.058 million in August, according data released on Monday by the Turkish Statistics Institute (TurkStat). The August unemployment rate rose to 10.1 percent, up from 9.8 percent in July.


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