Trustee prevents sacked journalists from getting jobless aid over ‘immoral behavior’

A government-appointed trustee who fired dozens of journalists after he was appointed to a critical media group has also prevented the sacked journalists from getting unemployment benefits with trumped-up accusations of acting against andlsquomoral values.and”
Journalist Metin Arslan, who worked for the Bugandun daily before he was fired by the trustee, said on his Twitter account on Wednesday that the trustee told Turkish Employment Organization (iiKUR) in official documents that the journalistsand’ contracts were terminated since they acted against andlsquomoral values.and”
and”We refer those who tell all sorts of lies to prevent us from getting unemployment benefits of TL 900 first to God and to the judiciary,and” Arslan tweeted.
The unemployment insurance system, introduced to support those who had lost their job while they sought new employment, has been in place in Turkey for 13 years.
Police raided the headquarters of the media outlets last month after the Ankara 5th Criminal Court of Peace ruled on Monday for the takeover of the administration of Koza ipek Holdingand’s companies, which includes critical media outlets, in a government backed move.
Accompanied by riot police in gas masks, the police officers broke down the gates of the corporate headquarters of the holding, used pepper spray on the lawyers who tried to protest and entered the building by force. Police teams escorted a board of trustees appointed to take over the management of the group, and entered the television stationsand’ satellite uplink room in the following hours and cut their broadcast.
The trustees appointed to the administration of the media outlets dismissed some 74 media personnel in nearly 10 days, of which 71 were journalists and the three others were the marketing director, his assistant and a director in the sales department of the ipek Media Group.


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