Trial begins over journalist Gezici’s tweets

Journalist Aytekin Gezici, who has previously been to court on charges of insulting President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, has been brought to trial again on charges of and”targeting individuals involved in the fight against terrorismand” and of and”being in possession of secret state documents.and”
Gezici wrote on his Twitter account on Tuesday that the Adana 2nd High Criminal Court held the first hearing of the trial that same day.
Speaking to Todayand’s Zaman, Gezici said he published on his Twitter account the pictures of 15 undercover police officers harassing him during a speech made by the Zaman dailyand’s former editor-in chief, Ekrem Dumanli, in front of the andcailayan Courthouse. and”They were harassing me intentionally during the speech. I shared their pictures on Twitter, writing that they [the police officers] are my new followers. I was being ironic and not targeting anybody,and” said the prominent journalist.
In response to a question regarding the claim of and”being in possession of secret state documents,and” Gezici said: and”I really do not know anything about these secret documents. The police raided my home in Adana [in April] and seized my computer. I have been charged with keeping secret documents on my computer. However, they have not told which documents they are.and”
Abdullah andOzyurt, another journalist critical of the government who lives in Adana, was also on trial for retweeting Gezici, and so and”targeting the people involved in the fight against terrorism.and” The trial is currently ongoing.
Criticizing the government for its oppressive treatment of journalists, Gezici said, and”The government is stifling the activity of any institution or media outlet that publishes coverage critical of its policies.and”
The journalist also claimed that the government is going to gear up its witch-hunt against critical groups following the Nov. 1 election. and”The government is going to legitimatize its harassment policies through the votes [it got] in the [Nov. 1] election,and” Gezici stated.
Ara bailik: Gezici previously sentenced to 7.5 years in prison
The journalist was given a seven-and-a-half-year prison sentence in September by the Ankara 29th High Criminal Court on charges of insulting Erdogan, former Deputy Prime Minister Bandulent Arinandc and former Justice Minister Bekir Bozdai on social media.
Gezici was detained last October and his house in Adana was searched based on the andquotreasonable suspicionandquot clause that was introduced in a 2014 government judicial reform package.
Gezici was also accused of insulting Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoilu. However, the court ruled that his remarks were within the limits of criticism and the journalist was acquitted of the charges.
Gezici appealed the decision made by the Ankara 29th Penal Court of First Instance to the Council of State, but no decision has been reached and his prison sentence has been suspended while awaiting the verdict.


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