TODAYSZAMAN.COM – Germany to halt surveillance technology exports to Turkey

Germany to halt surveillance technology exports to TurkeyGerman Deputy Prime Minister Sigmar Gabriel has announced that Germany will cease to export surveillance technology to a group of countries that includes Turkey, on the grounds that this technology is being used as a means to suppress the citizens of these countries.Speaking to German media outlets WDR, NDR and Suddeutsche Zeitung on Tuesday, Gabriel did not list the countries on which Germany will impose export bans, but he did reveal that NATO member Turkey and Russia are among the countries.

Gabriel said that authoritarian regimes suppress its people not only with weapons but also through Internet surveillance systems. “Countries who want to defend Internet freedom cannot provide technology to those regimes that monitor Internet users and therefore breach fundamental human rights,” Gabriel added.

Gabriel said Germany’s restrictions on technology exports will continue until the European Union tightens its control mechanism on exports. The EU Commission is expected to issue a new regulation on EU’s surveillance technology exports by autumn.

SOURCE: Today’s Zaman

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