TODAY’S – You cannot be this foolish, can you?

You cannot be this foolish, can you?Members of the government who signed the well-known 2004 National Security Council (MGK) decision, which was revealed in late 2013 and included a plan for undermining the activities of the Hizmet movement, said “Yes, we signed it, but we did not comply with it” after the document was publicized by the media. This was clearly a lie, because the MGK decision was secretly being implemented everybody knew what the hypocrites would do once they had the opportunity. However, they did not feel competent enough at the time to explicitly follow their plans. Today, some members of the Justice and Development Party (AK Party) are saying, “We realized that we were fooled [by the Hizmet movement] after the 2010 referendum.” This is another lie. They could not have been that foolish, could they? So, how could they have been fooled by the existence of the MGK decision? Were they fooling themselves? NUH GNuLTAI, BUGuN

SOURCE: Todays Zaman

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