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Press RoundupHurriyet: “Wedding and a funeral” read the headline of one of the daily’s top stories. A couple, Hakan and Burcu, from Soma, where Tuesday’s major mining disaster occurred, had their wedding ceremony on Thursday. At the same time, 200 meters away, the ifti family buried their two sons who died in the mine, the daily reported. According to the daily, Hakan and Burcu wanted to cancel their wedding after the Soma mine blast that claimed 284 lives, but they could not, because all the arrangements had already been made. Bugun: “It does not happen in developed countries” was the headline of the daily’s lead story, in reference to remarks by President Abdullah Gul, who spoke on Thursday to the public in Soma, where a massive mine disaster occurred earlier this week. Gul said “We must review all of our regulations [regarding mine safety] and take the necessary security measures, just like developed countries have done, to minimize the number of such incidents.” Prior to his speech, Gul also visited the injured miners at a hospital, according to the daily. Taraf: In one of its main stories, the daily reported that Prime Minister Recep Tayyip ErdoIan was taking shelter in a supermarket from anti-government protests during his Wednesday visit to Soma when he hit an individual at the store. ErdoIan could be seen in security camera footage hitting Taner Kuruca, who told a TV network he was shopping at the supermarket when “the prime minister mistook me for a protester and hit me. I think he lost his temper. I will not press charges,” according to the daily.

SOURCE: Today’s Zaman

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