TODAY’S – Ko family Turkey’s highest taxpayers in 2013

Ko family Turkey’s highest taxpayers in 2013Ko Holding was featured prominently in the list of Turkey’s 100 highest income tax payers in 2013, which was released by the Revenues Administration (GIB) on Sunday.The top six income tax payers were all members of the Ko family. Rahmi Ko, the top taxpayer on the list, is honorary president of Ko Holding, one of Turkey’s largest and most well-known companies. Ko edged out his sister Semahat Sevim Arsel, who claimed the top spot in 2011 and 2012. While Arsel paid over TL 31 million in income tax, Rahmi Ko paid just under TL 37.5 million. The Ko family, who claimed the top six spots, paid a total of TL 120 million in taxes in 2013 and also held six of the top 10 spots in 2012’s top 100 taxpayers list. Thirty-two of the top 100 taxpayers declined to publically disclose their names and held their spots on the list anonymously.IarIk Tara, honorary president of the construction firm ENKA Holding, grabbed the seventh spot on the list, paying just under TL 15 million. Numerous members of the SabancI family also claimed spots on the list. SabancI Holding is among the most prominent and well-known holding companies in Turkey. Abdulkadir KonukoIlu, chairman of the board of Sanko Holding, took the 46th place on the list while ErdoIan Demirren, founder of the Demirren group, took the 56th spot.Also in the top 10 was AydIn DoIan, founder of DoIan Holding, another major holding company that operates several major Turkish media outlets. Two of the top 10 requested that their names be withheld from the list. The 16th spot on the list was held by Murat ulker, chairman of ulker, a food manufacturing giant. ulker paid more than TL 6 million in taxes last year. The 17th through 21st spots were all held by taxpayers who did not want their names publicly disclosed.Ali AIaoIlu and Mustafa Latif TopbaI, who were respectively charged in the first and second wave of the major corruption probe that went public in December 2013, were both featured in the top 100, with AIaoIlu, a construction mogul, taking the 41st spot on the list and TopbaI, owner of the discount supermarket chain BIM, coming in just outside the top 10 in 12th place.Cem YIlmaz and KIvan TatlItuI, both famous actors, were among those on the list, claiming the 73rd and 90th places respectively. Acun IlIcalI, a famous television personality and owner of Acun Media, was at 15. IlIcalI is known for producing and hosting the Turkish versions of iconic reality shows such as Survivor and Dancing With The Stars.Muharrem YIlmaz, president of the Turkish Industrialists and Businessmen’s Association (TuSIAD), came in 59th on the list.According to GIB, in 2013 there were 1,860,818 income tax returns and 1,232,067 tax returns pertaining to profit earned from real estate. Istanbul province produced just over half a million tax returns last year, accounting for more than a quarter of the total number of returns in Turkey. Ankara and Izmir were next on the list of provinces with the most tax returns.GIB also released the list of 2013’s top 100 property rent earners, 42 of whom preferred to remain anonymous, including those occupying the top two spots on the list. Ruksan urguplu and Funda Acar, who claimed the fourth and 10th spots, respectively, were the only two members of the top 10 who were not anonymously listed.

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