TODAY’S – H S! The hell with your ‘nature,’ you deserve each other!

H S! The hell with your ‘nature,’ you deserve each other!Yes, gentlemen, H S! Burhan Kuzu, the very honorable statesman, senior AKP [Justice and Development Party] Istanbul deputy, professor and head of the parliamentary Constitutional Commission, responded with “H S” [the initials of a vulgar expression in Turkish] to those criticizing his tweets. I am sure he meant to say, “I greet you all,” (Hepinizi selamlarIm) since, because he does not drink alcohol, he could not have said, “Cheers to all” (Hepinizin saIlIIIna). This respectable person could not have meant anything else, could he? If so, his party’s senior moral police [Deputy Prime Minister] Bulent ArIn would have washed his mouth out with soap. Well, “gentlemen,” I want to greet you all with “H S” just as Kuzu did. Oya Baydar, T24

SOURCE: Today’s Zaman

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