TODAY’S – Ankara Film Festival focuses on past and memory in 25th year

Ankara Film Festival focuses on past and memory in 25th yearThe 100th anniversaries of Turkish cinema and World War I as well as William Shakespeare’s 450th birthday are among the occasions the Ankara International Film Festival will be marking at its 25th edition in June with a packed program of both international and foreign films.Set to run from June 5-15 under the theme “BelleksizleIme” (Memorylessness), the festival will feature a special program, referring to past incidents with the aim of underlining the significance of memory, the festival’s organizers, the World Mass Media Research Foundation, said in a press release announcing the festival’s full program this week.

Documentaries on the themes of resistance and social movement will be screened at the festival in line with the theme.The streets and squares of Ankara will be full of Turkish movie posters to celebrate the 100th year of Turkish cinema while the festival will feature a special selection of five films about World War I, including Richard Attenborough’s “What a Lovely War,” Jean Renoir’s “Grand Illusion” and Bertrand Tavernier’s “Capitaine Conan.

”The festival will dedicate a section to the 40th year of Turkish video-art, which started in 1974 with Paris-based Turkish artist Nil Yalter’s video “BaIsIz KadIn ya da Gbek dansI” (The Headless Woman or the Belly Dance). The section will present a total of 40 video works by 24 artists and artist groups.

Cinephiles can also take part with their own short videos in the festival, sharing their six-second videos they shot using the smart phone application Vine through the Twitter hashtag #enkisafestival (shortestfestival). All of these videos will be screened in a special section at the festival.

Shakespeare’s 450th birthday will be celebrated with the screening of a restored version of Orson Welles’s 1952 film “Othello” at the festival. Films from other directors who followed the cinematic perspective of Welles, including James Ward Byrkit’s “Coherence” and Jaki Paltrow’s “Young Ones,” will be shown in another section.

Cinema of Romania will be one of the festival’s special focuses with a section featuring Romanian short and feature-length films, including Tudor Giurgiu’s “Of Snails and Men,” “The Stone Wedding,” co-directed by Dan Pita and Mircea Verolu and “Kapitalism — Our Improved Formula” by Alexandru Solomon. Polish films will also be featured with a particular emphasis on animated films.

Marius Iacob’s “24 buckets, 7 mice, 18 years” and Laura Capatana Juller’s “Here I Mean There” are part of this section, held on the occasion of the 600th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Turkey and Poland.The festival will pay tribute to the masters of world cinema, featuring critically acclaimed films from world-renowned directors.

Polish filmmaker Andrzej Wajda’s most recent film “Walesa” and British director Terry Gilliam’s “Brazil” are among the highlights.Ten Turkish films will be in the running in the festival’s national competition, whose jury includes director Tayfun PirselimoIlu, actress Belim Bilgin and actor Mert FIrat.

The multiple award-winning films “Kusursuzlar” (The Impeccables), directed by Ramin Matin, and “Gzumun Nuru” (Eye Am), co-directed by HakkI KurtuluI and Melik SaraoIlu, are among the films competing in 13 categories, including best film, best actor and best actress. Apart from these awards, one film will be honored by the Turkish Film Critics Association (SIYAD) with the best film prize.

The festival’s short film competition lineup is made up of 37 fictional, nine experimental and 11 animated films. Eleven other films will be vying for the big prize in the documentary competition.

Piotr Niemyski, a Polish director of photography, Polish painter-cartoonist Mariusz Wilczynski and Australian directors Mekelle Mills and Abhishek Shukla will conduct workshops on their fields of specialization as part of the festival. Another side-bar event will be an experimental concert from French composer and director Romain KronenberThe screenings will take place at the KIzIlay Buyulu Fener movie theater and Goethe-Institut Ankara For further information and the full screening program, check out www.’Othello.

SOURCE: Today’s Zaman

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