TODAY’S – Ankara Accessible Film Festival marking second year

Ankara Accessible Film Festival marking second yearCinephiles with impaired hearing and vision are enjoying the opportunity to watch films together with other movie buffs at Ankara Engelsiz Filmler Festivali (Accessible Film Festival), which kicked off its second edition on Wednesday in the Turkish capital, presenting a variety of films with audio descriptions and sign language until Sunday.The free admission festival canceled its opening ceremony, which was set to be held on Tuesday at the Ankara Opera House, due to the last week’s Soma disaster, which claimed the lives of 301 mine workers.

“Yozgat Blues,” the sophomore effort of Turkish director Mahmut FazIl CoIkun, and British filmmaker Sally Potter’s “Ginger and Rosa” are among the highlights of two of the festival’s sections: Turkish Cinema and From World.Films Without Barriers is another festival section and is expected to draw much attention for its films about disabled individuals.

It included Cemil AIacIkoIlu’s “zur Dilerim” (Forgive Me) about a mentally disabled man, and UIur Yucel’s “Benim Dunyam” (My World), which follows the story of a girl who is both deaf and blind.The festival also features a national competition, Competition Without Barriers, with a total of five films in the running.

Director Ramin Matin’s “Kusursuzlar” (The Impeccables) and Onur unlu’s “Sen AydInlatIrsIn Geceyi” (Thou Gild’st the Even) are the highlights.One surprise at the cinematic event, as part of the From the History of Cinema section, is the screening of the classic Turkish comedy film “Hababam SInIfI” (Outrageous Class) and Czech-American director Milos Forman’s “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest,” which will have audio-description and sign language for the first time in Turkey.

The film screenings are at CerModern Museum and Ulucanlar Prison Museum.

SOURCE: Today’s Zaman

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