Three killed, eight injured as minibus crashed into truck in Azerbaijan

Yevlakh: A fatal traffic accident occurred on 281 km of Baku-Gazakh highway in Yevlakh region.

As a result, three people were killed, eight injured, APA’s local bureau reports.

Ford minibus (10 UB 126), moving from Baku to Gazakh, crashed into SHACHMAN truck (H 023 455) owned by Turkish “Bayburt” road construction company. Ford lost control and overturned.

Consequently, the driver of the minibus, 36-year-old Matiyev Jeyhun Ilyas, as well as his brother, 29-year-old Matiyev Sakhavat Ilyas and his brother’s wife, 21-year-old Matiyeva Susana Nushirevan, their children – 2-year-old Matiyeva Khanum Sakhavat, one-year-old Matiyev Ibrahim Sakhavat, as well as other passengers – 18-year-old Nuriyev Agil Hashim, 49-year-old Guliyeva Zemfira Idris, 24-year-old Aliyev Vahid Zahid were injured and taken to Yevlakh Central Hospital. Another child – 2-year-old Matiyeva Farida Sakhavat and two other people, who have not been identified yet, died.

Investigation is underway.


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