Thousands condemn terrorism in London

Thousands of people gathered to condemn terrorist attack, which occurred on Nov. 13 in Paris, in the capital city of London at Saturday night.

Many buildings were illuminated with the colors of French flag. Tower Bridge, London Municipality Building, London Eye and National Gallery in Trafalgar Square, which were among the symbols of London, were illuminated with the colors of French flag in memory of 129 victims, killed in the attack. Thousands of people gathered at Trafalgar Square to condemn the terrorism. The people, who flocked to the square during the day, left flowers and lighted candles on scene.

Carrying French flags and banners written ‘London stands with France’, ‘We are all Paris’, ‘Pray for Paris’ the crowd in square delivered solidarity messages. Despite the heavy rain, thousands of people recited France National Anthem together by switching on their smartphones’ flash lights.

Speaking to Cihan News Agency and stating that he has been living in London for three years, Johann Rondineau, “I arrived here for showing my susceptibility for the attacks in Paris. Before residing at London, I had been living in southeast of Paris and I can predict the happenings in there,” said in his speech.

Stating that he arrived at Trafalgar Square to show that he stands with Paris, Frederic Fournier stated that they do not afraid of terrorism and “We are honored as being a European. We want our freedom to sustain,” also added in his speech. Fournier also gave a speech concerning to increasing terrorist attacks across the world and said that they have to stand against terrorism, “So I am highly appreciated to see the reactions notably from the leaders of the European Union also from Turkey, Singapore, China and Japan in far away. Terrorism will never be able to win because we have moral values so we are so strong,” also added in his statement.

Chloe Leygue, who has been a student in London for two years, stated that she had been informed of the attacks while she was using her computer and she was worried about her relatives and her family, living in Paris. Leygue said, “It was very hard to watch the incidents in Paris for me. I am here to show my support for my country. We do not afraid so we will win,” in her speech.

Meanwhile, police officials increased the security measures for the people gathering in square.


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