‘This judgement cannot explained by law, democracy or moral issues’

Reactions against the arresting of Can Dundar and Erdem Gul have been ongoing. Visiting the Cumhuriyet daily, Republican People’s Party (CHP) former İstanbul deputy and journalist Oktay Eksi said that these procedures applied against Dundar and Gul was an example of vileness, which could not be seen even in countries, led by tyrants on Friday.

“This has not such relation with law, democracy and moral issues,” also added Eksi.

Many of non-governmental organizations, political parties’ representatives and members of trade bodies flocked to the headquarters of Cumhuriyet, located in İstanbul’s Sisli, to support.


The chief of Turkish Journalists Association (TGC) Turgay Olcayto said that both Dundar and Gul made a good success on journalism according to the international norms. Olcayto, “A journalist must do the job for the public, not for his boss or the government. They discharged their responsibilities. But the arrest had had not been the return for this. Moreover it had had not been the arrest by the order of the President. Unfortunately, those kind of things became ordinary in this country and the prisons became the second house for the journalists. They want to overawe us by these pressures. But we will never give up,” also added.

Also, Eksi said that they are so sorry in the name of journalism. Eksi, “I am so sorry since the happenings. I also feel shame for those, who made all these vileness,” added in his speech.

Welcoming the visitors at the door, wife of Can Dundar, Dilek Dundar, “This is honor for us. We are so proud of it. Can thanks you all,” said in her statement


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