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Four of seven people who were arrested in police raids in the Aegean province of Uiak as part of a government-orchestrated operation targeting the faith-based Gandulen movement were arrested on Friday.
Seven people were detained on Tuesday after police officers from the Anti-Smuggling and Organized Crime Bureau of the Uiak Police Department raided four offices and six houses at around 6 a.m., as part of an operation authorized by the Uiak Chief Public Prosecutorand’s Office, according to a report by the Cihan news agency on Tuesday.
After they were interrogated by the police over the course of three days, a prosecutor sent the detainees to an Uiak court for arrest. The court released three of the detainees while the remaining four — A.D., i.andO., R.K. and A.A. — were arrested.
Hakan Duru, a lawyer representing the detainees, spoke to the press on Friday, saying the prosecutor had sent the detainees to court for arrest without going through their files. and”The prosecutor sent them to court based on their statements taken down in the police department,and” Duru said.
Duru also noted prosecutors had charged the detainees with and”attempting to change the constitutional order by force,and” and”establishing an armed organizationand” and and”being a member of an armed organizationand” after the police failed to find anything that constitutes a crime. and”They searched the houses and offices of these people. They couldnand’t even find one single gun. However, they were accused of forming an armed terrorist organization. andhellip Thereand’s no longer any law in the country, but we are still here [to restore it],and” Duru added.
Todayand’s Zaman has learned from the relatives of the detainees that during the interrogation, some of them were asked about the umrah, a pilgrimage to Mecca that can be taken at any time of the year.
A relative also told Todayand’s Zaman that during that questioning of one of the detainees, police officers displayed a photo of an event held at his childand’s school that was attended by the Uiak governor and asked questions about the event, implying it was a photo of a criminal activity. and”Does a photo involving the Uiak governor and a number of other politicians constitute a crime? If being in that photo constitutes a crime, why arenand’t those politicians and government officials [in the photo] here? Shouldnand’t they also be [interrogated] here?and” the relative said, adding that the police officers also asked about many other photos and social media posts of the detainees.
There have been many similar police operations against individuals, businesses and civil society organizations inspired by Turkish Islamic scholar Fethullah Gandulen. These operations are widely believed to be an act of retribution by President Recep Tayyip Erdoganand’s administration for a major investigation into alleged graft that implicated Erdogan and other top Justice and Development Party (AK Party) figures that was made public on Dec. 17, 2013. Then-Prime Minister Erdogan accused the Gandulen movement, also known as the Hizmet movement, of instigating the operation in order to overthrow his government. The movement strongly denies the accusations.


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