‘Thermonuclear art’ on surface of Sun

The NASA published a new video clip of Sun in the name of ‘thermonuclear art’ on Wednesday. It was stated that the photos are most detailed ones ever.

The photos were presented, taken by Sun Dynamics Observatory (SDO) spacecraft, which had been launched to space in Feb. 2010, in 4K resolutions (about four thousand pixels as horizontal) on last Sunday.

Explosions occurring in plasma atmosphere (corona), which has millions of centigrade temperature, Sun spots, glaring magnetic scenes, which looks like igneous rain and is known as ‘coronal rain’ phenomenon, take place in 30-minute-long video. Coronal motions, which covers at least thirty times bigger space than the surface of earth on Sun’s surface, can be seen in video brightly.

SDO, keeping an eye on our nearest star 24/7, has taken more than two hundred millions of photos of Sun for five years. In spite of these photos, detailed and high quality images emerged, which has never seen before. In terms of data gathered by SDO, scientists try to figure out the movements of Sun, the core of Sun, which is thought to be 15,6 million centigrade and its effects over the Earth.

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