The disaster has shown that …

The disaster has shown that .The Soma mine disaster, in which 301 miners lost their lives, has exposed many facts that were being ignored.

The disaster has shown that the current government is still not able to manage a crisis. Its actions are guided by its political goals, even when the country is going through a sorrowful period.

Gas masks were placed on the faces of the dead bodies after the Soma incident [as if the miners had been wearing them when they died] official announcements on the death toll and the number of missing miners were carefully controlled and rarely made to the public. Disinformation was spread because the government hid information from the people.

This disaster has shown that nobody in power in Turkey feels responsible for the failure that resulted in the deaths of many. The company [operating the mine] said there was no negligence on its part.

Politicians said they made no mistakes. As if it were not enough, some crass people have made allegations that the disaster is being used to topple the government.

Some of them even say it was deliberately caused, especially because it is right before the anniversary of last year’s Gezi Park protests.(ERHAN BAIYURT, BUGuN.

SOURCE: Today’s Zaman

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