Terror escalates after domestic security bill introduced

The domestic security bill that attracted attention due to its anti-democratic provisions has been a huge disappointment.
The Justice and Development Party (AK Party) government argued that the bill would address violence and terror in urban areas however, the success of the bill is now questionable given that 120 soldiers and police officers have been killed and dozens of innocent people have been murdered in terror attacks over the last two months. Contrary to the arguments made by the government and President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the bill did not yield positive results. Recent developments and events have revealed that the bill was passed for political purposes.
The Police Academy and Police College which played an influential role in combating terror were shut down upon the introduction of the bill. A huge number of experienced senior police chiefs who were competent at dealing with the threats of terror were forced to resign. Under the bill, the Gendarmerie General Command (JGK) was subordinated to the Interior Ministry and the provincial governors were given extensive prosecutorial authorities. The bill also led to the removal or reappointment of 1,776 police chiefs. Of the police chiefs forced to resign or retire, some were those who handled major cases in the near part of Turkey which included the cases of Ergenekon, Balyoz, military espionage, the Hrant Dink assassination and the Kurdistan Communities Union (KCK) operations.
h2 Police College, Police Academy shut downh2 The Police Academy and Police Colleges, which trained experienced and well-equipped police officers and chiefs, were shut down through the bill. The cadets in the schools, ranked among the most successful students in Turkey, were placed in other civilian colleges and high schools.
h2 Gendarmerie extremely politicizedh2 The gendarmerie is one of the most important components of the anti-terror scheme and was also affected by the bill. Most authorities within the gendarmerie were devolved to the interior minister the minister now has the power to remove or reappoint provincial gendarmerie commanders. In the current setting, the gendarmerie is now under the full control of the political administration. A number of anti-democratic practices were introduced. Most of these practices were put in place to deal with terror and as well as being against democracy, they were also against the law. Under the new bill, the police are authorized to place a person under arrest arbitrarily without requiring a decision by a judge or prosecutor. In addition to this, they now have the power to perform body or car searches under just a verbal instruction given from a superior and without a court order, and furthermore have been given the authority to shoot a masked person at a demonstration.
Former BingandOl police chief and current Research Center for Security Strategies (GanduSAM)hair Ercan Taitekin said, and”The anti-terror unit of the police department was destroyed by the domestic security package.and”
and”If we evaluate the performance of the anti-terror processes in the aftermath of July 22, there is nothing to suggest that this package did anything neither to address terror and violence nor to reduce the impact of violent attacks. I do not see that anything was solved through the security package which, in turn, destroyed the anti-terror unit of the police department. Most experienced anti-terror experts were forced to retire. Some of them were reappointed to different posts. The most crucial question here is this: which provision in the bill has served as a strong basis for dealing with terror in recent months? No such provision was used effectively in this period,and” Taitekin said.
Professor ibrahim Cerrah:
and”The intelligence department of the police, which was pretty successful in dealing with terror attacks, has been abolished.and”
and”I never believed that the domestic security package was introduced for peace and order in the country. The political administrationand’s current fight against the terrorist organization is not convincing because its activities have been overlooked for the last three years. In fact, this is part of the efforts to drive the country to the brink of chaos. The removal of successful police chiefs in the fight against terror raises serious doubts because if the government were sincere, the political administration would have realized that Abdullah andOcalan never allowed anything to happen to the terrorists in the negotiation. President Recep Tayyip Erdogan removed idris Naim iahin from office after the Kurdistan Workersand’ Partyand’s (PKK) requests. An intelligence organization following the PKK was undermined. This organization, which was able to trace the activities of the PKK before the settlement process, was abolished and its powers were transferred to the National Intelligence Organization [MiT]. I repeat: Could you believe the sincerity of a political administration that abolished a successful police department and overlooked the activities of a terrorist organization in its fight against terror?and” Cerrah maintained.
Political scientist Ersin Kalaycioilu said:
and”The goal of the package was to prevent Gezi-like protests that would contradict the AKP. The plan was to ensure the repression of peaceful protests by police force. I stressed before that this bill would be a wrong step because it would undermine political participation. But currently the problem is bigger than that. The main problem now is that it is trying to implement this bill by relying on a broad interpretation against dissidents and opponents.and”


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