Terror and horror in Paris

With each passing hour, the number of dead seems to rise. When I began writing this column, we were at 127, with hundreds injured. But it looks set to rise. It was a massacre, and the French headlines said as much this morning: Le Parisien called it and”war,and” Le Figaro said and”War in the heart of Paris,and” while Land’Equipe said simply and”Horror.and”
At the Stade de France, where a friendly match between France and Germany was being played, terror started spreading around the stadium during the 20th minute or so of the match. Was the goal to kill hundreds if not thousands of people gathered in the stadium to enjoy some football? It is possible that the plotters wanted to achieve this goal through mass panic? This is what we see indicated in the choice of the area around the stadium for those explosions.
It is also no coincidence that the Bataclan concert hall, with 1,500 or so people in it, was chosen. From what we hear, four youths were used in this attack they used hand grenades and opened fire with machine guns while yelling and”Allahu akbar.and” None of this seems too unknown though, does it? Weand’ve experienced all this horror before, in Ankara, in Suruandc. And now, just as Sept. 11 has gone down in ignominy for New York, so too will Nov. 13 go down in history for Paris. Watch and see it seems quite certain that things are set to change from here onwards.
Last night, President Franandcois Hollande declared a state of emergency in France. It is the first time in 60 years that this situation, which was made a legal option in 1955, has been implemented in that country. French borders are now under tight control and police and gendarme forces have been granted special authorities. Marches and protests have been banned until Thursday. Metros have ground to a halt, while massive new security precautions have been put into place in train stations and airports. But itand’s not just France where the reactions are like this itand’s all throughout Europe.
Daily life will not be as it was before, that is for sure. In metropolitan cities like Paris, Rome, Berlin and London, everything will be regarded from a new, fiercer angle of security. Precautions will be taken. Some of the measures we have become accustomed to in places like airports will spread to everywhere.
And the terror we have all experienced will push us to regard these new levels of precautions with understanding, if not sympathy. We wonand’t care that our daily lives and our freedoms have suddenly become restricted. After all, the targets picked out in Ankara and Paris serve this purpose. And whatand’s more, everywhere is a target now concert salons, restaurants, cafes and boulevards. And the threat is not just from bombs random drive-by shootings from cars, like out of mafia films, can occur. Yes, terror has entered the fine capillaries of our cities.
People are saying the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL)arried out the Paris attacks. Terrorists apparently yelled things about and”Syriaand” and said and”Allahu akbarand” as they committed these acts. It would seem to point to this being the same sources who were behind the Ankara attacks. The heads cut off in Bataclan also seem to point towards ISIL. Just as these Paris acts may be ISILand’s response to some of the serious defeats itand’s experienced in the past three days, they also may have a strong message to supporters, saying and”Weand’r!and” Weand’ll learn more details in coming days. But you can be sure the debates will surround two topics in particular.
Itand’s no coincident that Paris was picked for these events. Just as choosing Ankara and not Istanbul was meaningful for Turkey, Paris was a message for all of Europe. For President Hollande, the act means and”war.and” Perhaps it was not the main goal herein, but it might be significant that in two weeks in Paris there is supposed to be a UN climate summit, with 195 delegations in attendance. Now the term and”securityand” will be on everyoneand’s lips. And at the upcoming G-20 summit in Antalya, the key words will be terror, security and Syria. The hundreds of thousands of Syrian refugees now in Europe will no longer be viewed just as people dependent on assistance and protection but as a serious risk. As for the weather that dictates the Middle East-Europe axis, itand’s going to get chillier. In this sense, Turkey is not going to be just a bridge but a key country. We are now obliged to use a shared language when it comes to dealing with terror and terrorism.
Doubtless, the phrase and”terror has no religionand” is absolutely true. But just repeating this does not erase the fact that those saying and”Allahu akbarand” appear to be committing their acts in the name of Islam. Correct analysis of the situation is the most important and primary step in fighting terror. Just as Kurdistan Workersand’ Party (PKK) terror has close links to the swamps of Kurdish problems, it is also true that ISIL, al-Qaeda and other extremist groups have close links to some of the swamps in the Arab and Muslim worlds. Those who donand’t want to see this reality are like ostriches with their heads in the sand.
There is no other world capital that uses the word and”terrorand” as recklessly as Ankara does. In a police investigation, a group that said it had sympathy for al-Qaeda found itself being labeled and”terrorists.and” This is the kind of thing we face. In the meantime, our vistas are filled with the specter of headscarved women who had been raising money for poor students being arrested and newspapers and dormitories being raided. Are these women really terrorists, though? So, you really want to know what a terrorist looks like? If you werenand’t able to understand with Ankara, take a look at Paris. Youand’ll figure it out.


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