Teachers’ Institute joined with Azerbaijani State Pedagogical University

Baku: Azerbaijani Teachers’ Institute has been joined with Azerbaijani State Pedagogical University upon the decree of President Ilham Aliyev.

According to the decree, Teachers’ Institute’s branches in Aghjabedi, Jalilabad, Gazakh, Guba, Shamakhy, Shaki, and Zagatala will belong to Azerbaijan State Pedagogic University.

The Cabinet of Ministers is due to prepare proposals of the order’s adjustment with valid legislative acts and present them to the president, and ensure the order’s adjustment with normative legal acts of the Cabinet of Ministers and related central executive authorities and inform the head of state of it.

The Ministry of Education shall, in cooperation with the Ministry of Finance and State Property Committee, ensure the spending of funds arising from the execution of this order on boosting the scientific-pedagogic potential of Azerbaijan State Pedagogic University and use of left material-technical base for education system.


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