Suspects arrested in Turkey linked to Paris attackers

Turkish security forces have killed 13 Kurdish terrorists in air strikes near the countryand’s southeastern Iraq border, the army said in a statement on Monday, as surging violence in the region shows no signs of abating.
Bloodshed has swept the predominantly Kurdish region since the breakdown of a two-year cease-fire between the terrorist Kurdistan Workersand’ Party (PKK) and the government in July. The end of the cease-fire has torn apart a peace process initiated by Ankara with the groupand’s leader, Abdullah andOcalan, in 2012 and left hundreds dead.
President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has vowed to fight the PKK until all of its militants are andquotliquidated.andquot
The terrorists were killed in air strikes in the andcukurca district of Hakkari province on Sunday, the army said. Four more PKK fighters were detained in two other eastern provinces, Airi and Siirt.
The PKK took up arms against the state in 1984, and since more than 40,000 people, mostly Kurdish militants, have died in the conflict. Ankara, the United States and the European Union all list the PKK as a terrorist organization.
World leaders are currently gathered in the Turkish coastal city of Antalya for the G-20 summit, where tackling terrorism is seen as a key priority.
h2 iHD demands answers for death of pregnant mother in Mardinh2 The Mardin branch of the Human Rights Association (iHD) has demanded answers from the governor of Mardin regarding the brutal death of a pregnant mother of five, Selamet Yeiilmen. According to a report by the Dicle news agency (DiHA), Yeiilmen died in front of her house on Sunday in the cityand’s Firat neighborhood when an armored police vehicle shot at her. One of the womanand’s two injured children was reported to be in critical condition.
The rights group stated, and”The killing of Selamet Yeiilmen and the wounding of her children is a clear extrajudicial killing,and” and asked, and”Even under the assumption that Yeiilmen died from shrapnel, what is the explanation for the wounding of the children?and”
The iHD also asked, and”Why was Yilmaz Tutak, a citizen who went to help his relative Selamet Yeiilmen, hit?and”
and”How many meters away from Selamet Yeiilmenand’s home were the operation forces? Were you given a report regarding the enforced curfew and details about how the law enforcement officers, who are under your responsibility, were performing their tasks? During the day, were you given information regarding what types of firearms were used and how many bullets were shot by the police? Or were they given unlimited power to act unlawfully and to violate the right to life? Do law enforcement officers in Nusaybin use artillery? Are you in possession of any official documents stating that you do not use them?and”
Concluding their inquiry, the iHD asked, and”Between Oct. 1 and 6, two civilians died and six were injured in Nusaybin. How serious is the administrative inquiry being conducted regarding this? Do you share your results with the public?and”


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