Suspected ISIL militant killed on Syrian border

An Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) militant was killed and 21 people were detained while illegally trying to cross the border from Syria to Turkey, the Turkish army said on Thursday.
The incident took place in Kilis province, a region where US Secretary of State John Kerry on Tuesday said the United States and Turkey planned to start an operation to secure the northern Syrian ernment] did when it seized the ipek Media Group,and” columnist Abdullah Bozkurt argued on Twitter on Wednesday.
Back on Oct. 27, police teams entered Koza ipekand’s headquarters in Ankara and the ipek Media Groupand’s offices, which house four media outlets owned by the holding. The authority for the move came from a widely criticized court decision to appoint a board of trustees to take over the management of the holdingand’s 22 companies. Dozens of people were fired, television stations belonging to the group were closed and the sales of the Bugandun and Millet dailies significantly decreased following the appointment of the trustees.


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