Strategic step from China for ‘One Belt One Road’

Academics delivering speeches during the symposium in China stated that they do not know One Belt One Road Initiative fully and Beijing should exert much effort for that. Organized by Hebei University’s The Research Centre for Social Development of Islamic Countries and sponsored by a number of prominent social research centers and universities such as Beijing University, the One Belt One Road and International Islamic Countries Development Symposium was held at Beijing Language and Culture University on Monday.

Chinese and foreign academics, from the countries on the route of the Silk Road Economic Belt (SREB) initiative which was first mentioned by Chinese President Xi Jinping during his visit to Kazakhstan in 2013, welcomed the initiative saying countries such as Turkey and Pakistan give importance to the mentioned issue but there is not adequate coverage by the media. The participants also underlined that Turkey should collaborate with nongovernmental organizations for the initiative put forward by China.

Around 100 local and foreign academics in fields of media, culture, philosophy and international relations from 17 universities and social research centers participated in the symposium. They noted that the initiative offered by China has not understood clearly by world public opinion and more collaboration and effort must be shown in that matter.

With the cooperation of a number of universities a joint think tank was established for One Belt One Road under the name of “The Research Think -Tank Union Along the One Belt One Road Countries”. The institute aims to develop the China’s initiative and to form cooperation with the countries on the route.

The Research Centre for Social Development of Islamic Countries of Hebei University, Arab Research Center of Beijing Language and Culture University, Beijing Society For Cooperative International Studies, National Institute of Strategic Communication, Beijing University, World Media Research Centre of China Social Science Institute, Social Development Research Center of Tianjin Normal University, Middle East Research Institute of Shanghai International Studies University are among the members of the think tank.

The Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) leads the One Belt One Road initiative which will be implemented in 2016 with 100 billion dollars equity capital with the collaboration of the countries including Turkey.


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