State Committee warns IDPs

Baku: Azerbaijani State Committee for Work with Refugees and IDPs has warned IDPs.

Unlike the refugees and internally displaced people in all conflict zones of the world, in Azerbaijan people of this category are paid great attention and care by the country’s president, the committee told APA.

“Unfortunately, some IDPs abuse the president’s attention and care. Particularly, such cases are more evident during their relocation to the new settlements. Thus, some IDPs, under the pretext that they previously lived in accommodations and were temporarily registered there, appeal to higher authorities and strongly demand new apartments.

However, after a while, it is found out that they don’t use those apartments, which are vacant. Though they were warned several times, those IDPs don’t hand over or use the apartments,” said the committee.

The committee once again warns those IDPs that if they don’t use or hand back the apartments, benefits for meal costs, and payments for utility services (electricity, gas, water) will be temporarily suspended, and the payments will be restored after they use or hand back the apartments.


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