‘Spectre’ goes through the motions with more duty than flair

Since the aent of modern-day action heroes Jason Bourne and Ethan Hunt, James Bondand’s most challenging assignment has been to stay relevant.
and”Spectre,and” the 24th film in the 53-year-old franchise, finds the superannuated spy fighting that battle more strenuously than ever, as British intelligence threatens to demolish the double-0 program in favor of a worldwide surveillance system powered by drones and Big Data.
Daniel Craig — who played Bond in the impressive and”Casino Royale,and” the incomprehensible and”Quantum of Solaceand” and the stylishly moody and”Skyfalland” — pads through and”Spectreand” with his usual practiced nonchalance and petulant, pooched-out pout. After a lavishly staged opening sequence — featuring a bravura tracking shot snaking through a gorgeous Day of the Dead parade in Mexico City — the film reverts to expected form, with Bond outrunning obsolescence with unerring timing, always-perfect aim and a flawlessly pressed dinner jacket that appears magically as needed.
When the opening scene ultimately ends in a riot of gunfire, an exploding building and a fistfight aboard a careening helicopter — culminating in a risibly pseudo-sexy credit sequence featuring Sam Smith listening to himself far too attentively — it seems clear that and”Spectreand” is going to dive into Bondand’s potential for high camp with all the macho wish fulfillment and winking innuendo it can muster.
Sadly, that promise of fun is quickly abandoned as soon as Bond sets off on a journey that will lead him from Mexico back to London, where the new M (Ralph Fiennes) is squabbling with C (Andrew Scott) about MI6and’s coming merger with MI5. Bond is supposed to be on hiatus, but he finagles some gadgetry from Q (Ben Whishaw) and is soon on his way to Rome, Austria, Tangier and beyond, on the trail of a mysterious figure called the Pale King, and ever-alert to possibilities for romance and looking cool under pressure.
and”Spectre,and” which has been directed by Sam Mendes from a script by several writers, knows just what marks to hit, but it obeys the conventions of the series so faithfully that it begins to feel rote. All of the psychological depth and austere visual beauty of and”Skyfalland” here has been over-processed into easily digestible chunks of story delivered by way of windy explanatory speeches, clumsy foreshadowing and stunts that feel both perfunctory and increasingly absurd.
What and”Spectreand” lacks in realism it makes up for in ugly digital photography (especially in low-light situations) and retrograde sexual politics. Landeacutea Seydoux, who plays Bondand’s love interest, may want to consult with and”Mission: Impossibleand’sand”‘s claims come shortly after partisan trustees were appointed to take over the management of Koza ipek Holding, which also owns a number of critical media outlets, based on a controversial court order. The corporate headquarters of Koza ipek Holding, which owns five critical media outlets, was raided by riot police last week, who used pepper spray as they entered the building to serve the holding with what opposition voices said was an unlawful decision to take over company management in order to silence the free media less than a week before the Nov. 1 general election.


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