Soldier and police officer killed in Southeast laid to rest amid grief

A funeral ceremony was held for police officer Serdal Toprak in his home, Malatya province, where his family and relatives lamented his death in the Kurdish language.

The officer leaves behind a four-year-old son. Toprak’s mother and father burst into tears after his wife, Burcu Toprak, along with his little son, touched the coffin for the last time before the burial.

The funeral was attended by several high-ranking state officials along with hundreds of local residents of the Dogansehir district of Malatya.

Three soldiers, including Toprak, were wounded in an accident that took place on Sunday evening when the driver of an armored military vehicle lost control of the vehicle while leaving Diyarbakır’s Silvan district. The wounded soldiers were taken to Diyarbakır Military Hospital; however, specialized sergeant Mehmet Gozudok died of his wounds on Monday morning.

Over 2,000 bid farewell to specialized sergeant Mehmet Gozudok in his hometown of Tokat province on Tuesday. Gozudok’s three children were among his relatives present at the burial and were seen to have cried with grief. Gozudok was buried following a midday prayer.


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