SOCAR’s personnel abroad exceeds 12,000

By: Aynur Karimova

Azerbaijan’s state energy company SOCAR currently employs more than 12,000 people abroad, Khalig Mammadov, SOCAR’s vice-president for personnel, regime and information technologies, said at the SPE Annual Caspian Technical Conference and Exhibition in Baku on November 6.

He noted that SOCAR needed to attract more young personnel to implement large-scale projects such as the Southern Gas Corridor, OGPC (a new gas processing and petrochemical complex), SOCAR Polymer, and the Star refinery.

He pointed out that five educational centers operate under SOCAR, which will play a significant role in improving the qualifications of the employees.

“These centers have been significantly modernized recently. There are more than 500 training courses available, so good results can be achieved during personnel training,” Mammadov added.

The SOCAR official went on to state that in the future, Azerbaijan would be able to export human resources in the petroleum sector all over the world.

“To this end, we have the motivation and numerous opportunities. Our domestic potential in the field of preparing oil experts and joint activities with foreign companies operating in Azerbaijan will allow the export of human resources around the world in the future, just as Brazil exports its football players,” Mammadov noted.

He added that various scientific research institutes engaged in the oil sector were operating in Azerbaijan.

“In the future, the Baku Higher Oil School will also be more closely engaged in scientific research activities,” Mammadov stressed.

SOCAR, which includes production associations Azerneft (companies involved in the production of oil and gas onshore and offshore), Azerkimya (chemical industry enterprises), and Azeriqaz (gas distribution), is involved in exploring oil and gas fields; producing, processing, and transporting oil, gas, and gas condensate; marketing petroleum and petrochemical products in the domestic and international markets; and supplying natural gas to the industry and the public in Azerbaijan.

SOCAR owns gas stations in Azerbaijan, Switzerland, Georgia, and Ukraine. It has representative offices in Georgia, Turkey, Romania, Austria, Switzerland, Kazakhstan, Britain, Iran, Germany, and Ukraine and trading companies in Switzerland, Singapore, Vietnam, Nigeria, and other countries.


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