Silvan locals torn between leaving or rebuilding their homes

A prosecutor investigating a case concerning a truck that was seized carrying nearly 1,000 rocket warheads and 10 launchpads near the Syrian border in 2013 has decided not to prosecute the suspects in the case, the Cihan news agency reported on Monday.
Turkish police seized 935 rocket warheads and 10 launchpads from a truck in Adana province in November 2013. The warheads had been manufactured in Adana and Konya provinces and many have speculated that they were being delivered to extremist groups in Syria.
An investigation was opened against 22 suspects on suspicion of supplying weapons to armed groups, bringing arms and ammunition into a country without permission, producing, transporting, selling arms and ammunition and being a member of an armed terrorist organization.
According to Cihan, the prosecutor leading the investigation has decided not to prosecute the suspects, saying that materials seized during the search cannot be identified as weapons and that there is no evidence proving that the suspects had committed the crimes attributed to them.
The truck was registered in central Turkeyand’s Konya province and was en route to Adana when an anonymous call recorded at around 8 a.m. tipped off police that the truck was smuggling drugs. Unmarked police cars trailed the truck until it was received by an unidentified manufacturing firm in the metal industrial zone of Adana, 200 kilometers from the Turkish-Syrian border.
Police first used dogs to search the truck for narcotics. When the police opened the trailer, they discovered that it was full of weapons.
Then-Adana Governor Handuseyin Avni Coi said following the seizure of the truck that the weapons were believed to be destined for organizations or states outside of Turkey, without providing further details.


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