Seasonal Travel Fair due in Baku

By: Amina Nazarli

The third Seasonal Travel Fair will take place in Baku’s Park Bulvar shopping center on November 14, from noon to 8 p.m.

Co-organized by the Azerbaijan Tourism Association and the Culture and Tourism Ministry, the event will feature some 20 travel companies and hotels.

The fair aims to support and promote domestic tourism and to familiarize residents and tourists with local travel agencies and hotels. The event will also showcase New Year tours.

A wide range of entertainment programs await visitors. A musical performance by renowned vocalist Gabriel Stravelli and a jazz trio will also be presented.

Visitors will have the opportunity to join a competition to win a two-person tour in Azerbaijan and some foreign countries.

Azerbaijan, with its incredible beauty and captivating history, has developed both its winter and summer tourism programs.

The country’s rich historical, cultural, and natural heritage attracts visitors from all over the world to view its pristine landscapes, mineral springs, unique ancient architecture, culture, and cuisine.

Azerbaijan’s tourism potential is developing annually as new hotels and entertainment facilities continue to open across the nation. The country’s nine climatic zones make it possible to enjoy a variety of activities.

The winter and summer complexes of Shahdag and Tufandag are perfect examples of modern amusement facilities that the whole family can enjoy.

More than 2 million tourists visited Azerbaijan last year, contributing some one billion manat (more than $950,000 million) in revenue from tourism.

Currently, the country can accommodate more than 35,000 tourists in its 530 hotels. Prices in tourist spots are not expected to increase this year, despite the global economic stagnation.


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