Russian Embassy issues statement on changes in procedure for obtaining citizenship

Baku: In connection with numerous appeals, the Embassy of Russia in Azerbaijan issued a statement on changes in the procedure for obtaining the Russian citizenship.

The relevant changes provide a simplified procedure for granting foreigners, who live in Russia and speak in Russian, as well as stateless people the Russian citizenship.

One of the main points is that those people must to renounce their citizenship.

The new law applies to the native Russian speakers, who themselves or whose relatives formerly resided in the territory of the Russian Federation or within the Russian Empire or the Soviet Union.

The stateless person or foreigner’s knowledge of the Russian language is examined by a special commission through interview. This commission is the body of the Federal Migration Service of the Russian Federation.

In fact, what do these changes mean for immigrants from Azerbaijan?

1. If any Azerbaijani citizen (regardless of nationality) residing in the territory of the Russian Federation on the basis of a temporary residence permit or a residence permit could obtain the Russian citizenship after a certain number of years, according to the new rules, that person can apply to the relevant body for obtaining visa after recognition for native Russian speaker. Thus renunciation of Azerbaijani citizenship is obligatory.

2. The new law allows the native Russian speakers, living outside the Russian Federation, who themselves or whose relatives formerly resided in the territory of the Russian Federation or within Russian Empire or the Soviet Union can obtain the Russian citizenship.

In this case, the Azerbaijani citizen must come to Russia, undergo a test arranged by a relevant commission, and submit the documents confirming he or his relatives have once lived in Russia, or within the Russian Empire or the USSR. The person who seeks to obtain Russian citizenship must collect necessary documents by themselves.

Once the person goes through all procedures successfully, they will receive residence permit in Russia for 3 years. Over the next two years, that person should make an appeal to obtain Russian citizenship. In this case, it becomes compulsory to renounce Azerbaijani citizenship.

The amendments made to the procedure for obtaining Russian citizenship can only be realized by the bodies Federal Migration Service in the territory of Russia.

The Russian consulates abroad continue accepting applications from the following persons who want to have Russian citizenship:

– having at least one parent who has Russian citizenship and lives in Russia

– having had USSR citizenship, lived and still living in the republics of the USSR, not acquired these countries’ citizenships and thus remaining stateless

– Having been the former USSR republics’ citizens who received secondary or high vocational education at educational institutions of Russia after July 1, 2002.


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