Reports of security violations, threats overshadow elections

As Turkey rushed to the polls in one of the most crucial elections in the history of the republic, reports of citizens in Southeast provinces being forced to vote under the surveillance of security personnel, fights breaking out in polling stations and electricity cuts fueled speculation of violations of election security.
A party official in the southeastern province of ianliurfa was taken to hospital after being assaulted by Justice and Development Party (AK Party) supporters. Another six people are reported to have been injured in accidents around ianliurfa according to the Cihan news agency.
The district head of the pro-Kurdish Peoplesand’ Democracy Party (HDP) Mehmet Ali Aslan claimed that he was assaulted by AK Party supporters on Sunday.
In the Yukarikaratai neighborhood of ianliurfa, pro-HDP polling clerk ismail Ganduntekin claimed that he had been assaulted by AK Party supporters and removed from his station overseeing the ballot boxes.
Again, in the Yeiillik neighborhood, pro-HDP polling clerks Mahmut Sancar and Ali Ulutandurker claimed to have been assaulted by AK Party supporters.
h2Citizens in Diyarbakir forced to vote under surveillance h2 In Diyarbakir, citizens were forced to vote under the surveillance of special operations police, who wielded automatic weapons.
According to a report by Cihan, polling stations in the Sur district of Diyarbakir, which until recently was the subject of curfews due to acts of terrorism by the separatist Kurdistan Workerand’s Party (PKK), had armored police vehicles outside.
The HDP provincial head in northwestern Kirklareli, Feyaz iahin, was detained for andquotshowing resistanceandquot to a polling clerk at a polling clerk.
iahin was reported to have rejecting to show his observerand’s card and engaging in a quarrel with a polling clerk. A board member of Kirklareli Universityand’s Student Cultural Association, Adnan Kurt, was also detained alongside iahin.
An HDP polling clerk by the name of Ahmet Dai, was detained in the Seferpaia neighborhood of the southeastern Gaziantep province for reportedly threatening the security of the elections.
h2Two bombs disposed in Diyarbakir h2 Two bombs that were placed on the side of the Diyarbakir- BingandOl and the Diyarbakir-Mui highways were detonated by bomb disposal teams.
A statement released by the Diyarbakir Governorand’s Office expressed that the Diyarbakir Provincial Gendarmerie Command has taken all necessary steps to ensure the elections are held in a and”safe and peacefuland” environment.
No loss of life or damage to property was incurred.
h2AK Party supporters attack HDP, CHP in Ankara h2 In the Ankara Ticaret Odasi primary school, which was used as a polling station, AK Party supporters threatened then attacked HDP and Republican Peopleand’s Party (CHP) supporters.
According to the website, riot police were sent to the school where there were reports of people being injured in the brawl.
h2Fight breaks out in Kocaeli province h2 In the western province of Kocaeli, a fight broke out between supporters of the AK Party and the HDP. Police intervened by firing tear gas at the crowd.
The incident occurred when relatives of an 80-year-old citizen tried to help her vote but were stopped by polling clerks.
According to a report in the Karii daily, the argument turned into a brawl between HDP supporters and the pro-AK Party polling clerks.
h2AK Party provincial head threatens poling clerk with gun h2 Bekir Gandunei, a correspondent for IMC TV, claimed that the AK Partyand’s provincial head for the district of Gandurpinar in the eastern Van province, Halit Toktai, was detained on Sunday for threatening one of the polling clerks.
It was claimed that Toktai entered the polling station accompanied by police and tried to influence the voters. Toktai then threatened polling clerk Yusuf Aslan with his gun after Aslan told him that his actions were not permissible.
h2Police operation to school used as polling station h2 On Sunday, police stormed a school in the Cizre district of iirnak, which was being used as a polling station.
It was reported that police were targeting an assailant who was forcing people to vote for the HDP, threatening them with a rifle.


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