Reporters arrested for ‘insulting’ ErdoIan, ’terrorist propaganda’ in eastern Turkey

Two reporters working for pro-Kurdish outlets were arrested on Saturday for and”insultingand” President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and and”terrorist propagandaand” after they were detained by the police in the eastern town of Ercii a day ago. Dicle News Agency (DiHA) reporter idris Yilmaz and Jin News Agency (JiNHA) reporter Vildan Atmaca were detained along with two other reporters from iMC television channel on Friday. DiHA said the reporters were detained as they were covering a news story. Video footage posted online showed police firing shots in the air to disperse a crowd that protested the detention of the journalists.
iframe frameborder=”0″ height=”310″ scrolling=”no” src=”” width=”550iframe iMC reporters were released after they were questioned by a prosecutor while Yilmaz and Atmaca were sent to a court, which ruled for their arrest. It was not immediately clear what the reporters were covering. Ercii, a town in the eastern province of Van, was a scene of clashes on Friday between the security forces and the Kurdistan Workersand’ Party (PKK) terrorist group, in which one soldier was killed and three others were injured.


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