Report: Turkey’s Protestant churches receive death threats from ISIL

Militants affiliated with the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) recently released a video on Twitter in which they vow to commit mass murder in churches affiliated with the Association of Protestant Churches, the Armenian Agos weekly reported on Friday.
In the video, whose exact date of release is unknown, the militants show photos and footage of priests working at churches across Turkey and vow to and”make life unbearable for them.and”
and”You complained about us, so we will make you pay. We will make life unbearable for you,and” the militants say in the video, in reference to a written statement released by the Association of Protestant Churches on Sept. 2 in which it claimed that there is a significant increase in the number of threats to commit mass murder at churches across Turkey.
The association shared in its statement some of the threats it has been receiving, such as: and”Heretic infidels, you have chosen the path that denies God. By believing in tyrants you have dragged others into believing as you do. We have waited a long time for you to return to the virtuous religion. As heretics, you have increased your numbers with ignorant followers.and” The association believes that the messages are coming from members of the radical terrorist ISIL.
and”Threats are not something new for the Protestant community, which lives in this country and wants to raise its children here,and” the association said in its statement. and”But now that there has been an increase in these threats in the east, west, north and south of the country, we believe they are from the same source.and”
This is not the first time ISIL militants have threatened a group or the public in Turkey. In October, Turkish-speaking fighters affiliated with the terrorist group released a video on Twitter in which they called on the people of Turkey to either join ISIL or carry out and”all-out slaughterand” in the regions where they live.
The video, which runs almost nine minutes, shows militants with long beards and wearing green clothes. One of the 14 militants in the video calls on the people of Turkey to and”rise up and fightand” against infidels, crusaders and tyrants who trick people into becoming the slaves of crusaders. He also called on the people to stop committing the sins which have resulted in the people of Turkey being governed by tyrants, referring to President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and the interim Justice and Development Party (AK Party) government.
ISIL released a video for the first time in Turkish on Aug. 18, during which a Turkish-speaking fighter who was later identified as Fatih Acipayam, a confectioner from Bursa, called on the Turkish people to start a war against the and”treacherousand” Erdogan and to conquer Istanbul.
In a Vice News documentary on ISIL, released in August 2014, an ISIL militant who introduced himself as press officer Abu Mosa said the terrorist group would and”liberateand” Istanbul if the Turkish government refused to release more water from the Euphrates River into Syria. Mosa was later killed during air strikes by Syrian government forces on ISIL terrorists who were attacking an air base in northeast Syria.


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