Report: Over 3,000 killed in traffic accidents in first 10 months of 2015

According to the report, which was released by the National Police Department’s Traffic Control Bureau, 341,765 traffic accidents took place in total between January and October. In the same time period in 2014, 2,296 people were killed in 338,510 accidents, showing an increase of 41 percent in road accident deaths since last year. The data also reveal that 10,282,101 traffic fines were imposed on drivers, coming to a total figure of TL 2.2 billion during the same period.

The report indicates that cars hitting pedestrians, going off the road, rollovers and rear-end collisions are the most frequent types of traffic accident in Turkey.

Driver error was cited as the leading cause of accidents — the primary reason for 89 percent of all accidents — followed by pedestrian error at 9 percent and mechanical problems with vehicles and road conditions at 2 percent. The most frequently cited driver fault was “exceeding traffic speed limits or weather-related speed limits.” Right-of-way violations, improper overtaking, failure to keep a safe distance and incorrectly changing lanes were among other driver faults listed in the report. The report also found that cars, vans and motorbikes were the vehicles most often involved in accidents.

7 killed as car plunges off cliff in Aydın

In related news, seven people were killed in the Bozdogan district in the southwestern province of Aydın when their car plunged off a cliff early on Tuesday.

The incident took place at around 7:30 a.m. in the Konaklı neighborhood near Kemer Dam. The driver, Mehmet Ali Ulgen, reportedly lost control of the vehicle, which was carrying six passengers. Five of those killed are believed to have been from the same family.

The victims of the fatal accident are Talip Sungur, Gulay Sungur, Kayhan Sungul, Erdem Sungul, Gulcan Menemenli, Mehmet Ali Ulgen and Durmus Ali Madran.


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