Report: No congratulations from US to DavutoIlu

After the Nov. 1 parliamentary election in which the Justice and Development Party (AK Party) regained its majority in Parliament, US administration officials did not call acting Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoilu to congratulate him on his partyand’s landslide victory, according to a press report.
According to a Handurriyet report on Sunday, the US administration ignored Davutoilu after the Nov. 1 election victory, and he has not received any congratulatory message. Only two days after the AK Party victory in June 2011, US President Barack Obama called then-Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan to congratulate him on his and”historic victory.and”
According to the report, the White House will wait to hear the final results of the election before making congratulatory phone calls or issuing statements. However, the Handurriyet daily speculated that not calling Davutoilu after his election victory is not consistent with previous statements and calls from the White House following elections in Turkey and that this means it was a clear diplomatic message to Turkey, without elaborating further.
After the election, the White House expressed its deep concern over the pressure and intimidation on media organizations and journalists during the election campaign.
andquotThe White House was deeply concerned that media outlets and journalists critical of the government were subject to pressure and intimidation during the campaign,andquot White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest said on Monday. Amid reports that journalists were pressured in order to weaken the political opposition, Earnest said that the White House has urged Turkish authorities to uphold the values of its Constitution.
The US Department of State also expressed the same concerns about media freedom in Turkey. and”The United States looks forward to working with the newly elected Parliament and with the future government,and” State Department Press Office Director Elizabeth Trudeau said on Nov. 2, adding that as a friend and NATO ally, the US is committed to continuing its close cooperation with Turkey. However, she pointed out, and”Media outlets and individual journalists critical of the government were subject to pressure and intimidation during the campaign, seemingly in a manner calculated to weaken the political opposition.
and”We urge Turkish authorities to ensure their actions uphold the universal democratic values enshrined in Turkeyand’s Constitution,and” she added.


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